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Saturday Dec 3, 2022

Soil Health Workshop Held at Townies

Townies Garden Soil Health Workshop presented by David Hebert. David is our county’s agriculture extension agent. He works with farmers and residents interested in growing food or raising livestock. His background is a masters degree in soil health. He’s here today today teach us about composting and why it’s important.

David M. Hebert, M.S.

Extension Agent I, Agriculture and Natural Resources 

UF/IFAS Extension Nassau County

Twenty-eight registrants were privileged to participate in the Townies Soil Health Workshop for a two hour presentation on soil health, microbial biology and overall sustainable soil management by David Hebert, MS. , where they learned the basics of soil trophic levels (soil food web), and nutrient cycling. Familiarity with the role of beneficial bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and nematodes in promoting plant growth storing carbon and increasing sustainability in plant systems.

Also, they learned how to efficiently make compost with upright cage system to help manage the pile. Learning how to mix the proper ingredients and their ratios.

Finally they had hands-on microscopy lesson to become familiar with observing bacteria, nematodes and a few protozoa.

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