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Townies Pizzeria Dining Room Image
Townies Pizzeria Dining Room Image

At Townies, we’re definitely not flatliners. Our entire staff is dedicated to providing great customer service, in addition to high-quality menu items which are the key ingredients in all we do. Regardless of your age, when you come to Townies you are going to experience great food and a great feeling of belonging which will make you feel young and alive. 

All of our food is prepared fresh to order. We use real cheese, the finest quality ingredients and fresh local produce. Unlike the big pizza chains, our sauces don’t come out of a paint can. We make our sauces and dough daily from fresh ingredients. We don’t even own a freezer!

Let us show you the difference between the big pizza chains and our independent pizza restaurant. Our pizza will take you back to the neighborhood pizza shops of NYC.

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