About The Majority Owners – Matt and Angie Klabacka

My name is Matt Klabacka. My wife, Angie, and I grew up in Northeast Florida. We met at a nearby high school and have many fond memories of Amelia Island as the setting for our courtship. We love Amelia Island, its great community and our local family. 

One of my sons and I began frequenting Townies Pizzeria and fell in love with it. We loved the food and the wonderful family atmosphere. In 2014, I was fortunate to become the majority owner of Townies Pizzeria. It continues to be a place that is dear to my family, and our goal is to provide fresh, delicious food in a relaxed, pleasant environment for all families in Amelia Island.


One luv

Our objective is to maintain affordable pricing while improving the quality of our ingredients and our service. We launched a renovation of the space to transform it into an edgy, artsy cafe with a beach-like ambiance. We’re committed to serving up tasty, locally sourced food for the community. At Townies Pizzeria, we have one luv: great Italian street food! Grandma Donaroma started making her famous meatballs in the late 1800s, and Townies carries on that family tradition today with fresh, never frozen ingredients that ensure an authentic Italian street food experience. From our family to yours, we hope you enjoy a friendly place to savor authentic Italian food.

Giving back

In our first show of a charitable commitment to the community, Townies adopted a highway on the island. We’ve committed more than $1,000 each month to a community charity. We proudly support local schools, local arts, local sports, local poverty services and other organizations with our time, food and financial contributions.

Townies’ mantra is community – giving back and building support in ways that are uniquely important to each community. If you would like Townies Pizzeria to support your cause, please complete a donation request.